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Joan Lao

Born July 3, 1962 in Barcelona, ​​Joan Lao is internationally recognized for its ability to act at different levels in the structure, according to a rather conceptual prism creator. His interior has a unique quality: they create an immediate and lasting emotional response.

A reaction that responds to the sincerity of their proposals. Joan Lao Living in a live environment is an atmosphere of balance and peace. Their proposals are fascinating industrial product consistent in its attitude and sense of inner harmony radiant. His career has been recognized with several awards.

Behind our expertise to the collection of tiles Natural Energy product, there is a well defined concept: improving the quality of life using natural materials in a responsible manner. And behind this concept, a designer whose work philosophy, in short, has always been in line with these principles.
The long experience of Joan Lao challenges proposed national and public spaces, embodied in a collection of deciduous trees that exceed pure functionality of this material and make a proposal on quality of life. Sounds simple, but you must see with wise and dedicated designers, such as Joan Lao, to bring purity that view.

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