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 Since 1989, the year of its foundation, Horm creates emotions transforming living spaces into unique and exclusive environments, yet cozy, welcoming and functional. The values ​​that distinguish the brand is the design, entrusted to architects and designers of international fame, the passion that is the driving force of the entire process of generating ideas, and finally the house, understood as private or commercial environment, the destination of all products the collection.

In the scenario of the design of the home, Horm affirms its identity through two distinct design approaches, offering both pure forms and functional sculptures domestic placeable in that thin line that divides the serial art.
The wood, the protagonist of the story of Horm, is flanked by glass, stones and metals that are balanced together in an aesthetic logic in neutral tones of white and black, in counterpoint to the possibility optional lacquered colors.

The collection has as a common denominator exclusivity, which in its various predicaments is declared to be refined technologies or invisible mechanisms, and is always marked by precision craftsmanship and attention to detail.
With its furnishings, a combination of simplicity, art and innovation, Horm offers the discerning traveler an environment essential living yet refined, giving every home a uniqueness and exclusivity.
In ancient Aramaic Horm means ”sacred enclosure with right of asylum.”
This fence welcomes the great masters of contemporary architecture (Mario Bellini Mario Botta, Steven Holl, Toyo Ito, Matteo Thun), internationally renowned artists (Karim Rashid, Sebastian Errazuriz) and young and multi-faceted designers that, with the experience of the craftsmen Horm, contribute to the development of products with a strong personality that combine aesthetics, functionality and amazement.